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Alec Christensen plays 'Would You Rather?...'

Alec Christensen plays Would You Rather on Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis. Which would you rather? Would you rather, A) Have a headstone that says #Blessed or, B) Have your ashes scattered at a Justin Beiber Concert? Would you rather, A) Always have your lips in a "duck face" pout or, B) always have your eyebrows raised in a surprised expression? Would you rather, A) Only be able to play Monopoly with your family or, B) Only be able to talk politics with your family? Would you rather, A) Get paid minimum wage for a job you love doing or, B) Get paid well for a job you hate doing? Would you rather, A) have the body of Cher at 70 or, B) the success of Taylor Swift at 20?

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