Sexy Charlie Storwick Visits To #Hang10WithAndy


It's a spiritual moment on Andyland Radio and Andy takes it to church! Get ready for alter call! Andrew goes to his first academic conference to learn more about Open Educational Resources (OER). Ryan Merkley, CEO of Creative Commons, gives the keynote address and Andrew jumps on the opportunity to ask Merkley to be on the show. Andrew gets bored at the conference and dips, running into Charlie Storwick on the street. They take a selfie and exchange numbers. Later, Andrew texts her asking to be on the show. Charlie agrees, and visits Andyland Radio for #Hang10WithAndy. Together they discuss her singles "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Ghosts" and the making of the music videos (directed by Brandon William Fletcher). Charlie shares her experience being mentored by Frank Guistra. While taping the show Sexy Reece Voyer calls Andrew's cell. Andrew puts him on speakerphone and the three of them schmooze and end up making dinner plans. Throughout the show, Andrew has a few spiritual breakthroughs, closing the show with with a gospel shout session.


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