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Andrew Willis signs with new product sponsor for Season 2 of Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis signs with new product Mooki May sponsor for Season 2 of Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis.jpg

VANCOUVER, BC — Andrew Willis signs a new product sponsorship with fashion eyewear brand Mooki May for the 22 episode run of season 2 of Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis.

(from the company’s website)

“Mooki May is dedicated to bringing alternative eyewear to you at an affordable price. Express yourself in our unique styles.”

Andrew Willis teams up with 8 bands to bring you a hellraiser of a holiday

Andrew Willis Announces an Andyland Radio Holiday Special.jpg

VANCOUVER, BC - Andrew Willis, host of Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis on CITR 101.9 FM teams up with 8 bands from Vancouver to tape a holiday special called the Andyland Radio Holiday Hellraiser.

“I have spent the last month reaching out to several bands to sign on the best that Vancouver has to offer from its indie rock music scene to bring their upbeat spirit to my listeners this Christmas.“

When asked what to expect, Willis commented,

“Expect there to be skateboarders, eight bands, a new product sponsor, some local landmarks, and a lot of fun done on very little money. I have a budget of about $500 to put this thing together, but it’s amazing what you can do when you have nothing to do it on, and lot’s of great musicians willing to help each other out to get some exposure and make something new.“

Willis continued by saying,

“We have no clue what we are doing. We just know it has to work, and there are a bout seventy-five people on board who are all relying on this to be a success, so what can I say? We’re going to rock out and bring you something fun to watch this Christmas. It’s our gift to you!“

When asked who would be performing, Willis commented,

“All of us. Until the program is delivered for viewing, we are all going to be performing, some of us miracles!

Andrew Willis guests on Flashback with Alec Christensen on CITR 101.9 FM

VANCOUVER, BC — Andrew Willis joins Aisia Witteveen as guests for the back to school episode of Flashback with Alec Christensen on CITR 101.9 FM. In the show Andrew Willis talks about his thoughts on music, travelling, and his new show Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis. Listen to the full show here.

People Footwear partners with Andyland Radio as its Season 1 sponsor!

Andrew Willis and People Footwear.jpg

VANCOUVER, BC - Get ready to rock out in new shoes! People Footwear teams up with Andrew Willis to be the Season 1 sponsor for the newly created radio show Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis, airing Wednesdays 10:30p/12:30c on CITR 101.9 FM. Keeping true to its college radio format, Andyland Radio is set to play music featuring local Vancouver, BC bands. This is a debut performance for Andrew Willis who is new to the world of broadcasting. Coming fresh off an internship at 102.7 THE PEAK, Andrew Willis reached out to UBC’s radio station CITR 101.9 FM to launch his first ever weekly radio show. Ambitious? Just ask Andy! He is fast paced, forward moving, and always on the go, which makes People Footwear his go to shoe.

“I have been wearing People Footwear for over two years now. My shoe is the Phillips in white. You can see it in my marketing materials for season one. I love these shoes because they are light, washable — you can wash them with your tshirts they are that lightweight — and you can throw them in the dryer and they come out clean. When you only have one or two pairs of shoes, it can be a drag when you go to a concert and mosh and you come home and your favourite pair of shoes have footprints all over them. Because I wear white shoes, I don’t want to sacrifice a good time for worrying about what I’m wearing. With People Footwear, they are durable, washable, and comfortable. What more could you want in a shoe that you’re wearing for all occasions? This shoe is it, and that is why I’m putting my name behind it. I’ll wear nothing else with pleasure!”

People Footwear is offering Andyland Radio listers 15% OFF for the duration of Season 1 when you visit and use promo code ANDYLANDRADIO.

It's official! Andrew Willis will be going live with a weekly broadcast on CITR 101.9 FM!

It's official! Andrew Willis will be going live with a weekly broadcast on CITR 101.9 FM!.png

VANCOUVER, BC — It’s official! Andrew Willis will be hosting his own weekly show, live, every Wednesday on CITR 101.9 FM called Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis. CITR 101.9 FM is famous for featuring music from the Vancouver indie/punk/rock music scene since 1982. Andyland Radio will host and play music from across Canada and the United States, and include a mix of pop culture and political commentary from host, Andrew Willis.

About CITR 101.9 FM (from

“CiTR 101.9 FM is the broadcasting voice of the University of British Columbia, situated on the unceded, traditional Coast Salish territory of the Hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ speaking Musqueam peoples. CiTR began as a student club in 1937, gaining not-for-profit status and a place on the FM dial in 1982. Run by the Student Radio Society of UBC, CiTR offers students and community members broadcast training and access to the airwaves, broadcasting 100+ locally-focused radio programs in seven different languages, streamed online and available as podcasts.