Meet The Latest Queer Music Artist 'Howl'

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Howl is a rapper, producer, audio engineer & performing artist based out of Vancouver.

Having been active in the Vancouver music & arts scene for many years, their breakout came in 2018 with their ‘Year of the Wolf’ promotional campaign.

The campaign included a major release of 4 singles, as well as 3 accompanying, smash-hit music videos that were released throughout 2018:

The raw & catchy ‘blossom’, featuring their rap-dad Polo Brian as well as shattering, wave-rap production from MENTIRAS.

The self-produced ‘billy idol’, a colourful & tongue-in-cheek ode to both MILFs and Howl’s strikingly similar likeness to the blonde, punk legend, accompanied by Howl’s debut video directed by Igloo World’s jjevvv.

The crushing, explosive, COLDTVRKY-produced ‘nerf’, a song which, combined with the dizzying & in-your-face video from Entertainment Forever, collectively had audiences gasping for air by the time it was done.

And the year / campaign closing, self-titled ‘year of the wolf’, a saucy track produced by Howl’s close friend & mentor maSHerman, with a simple yet effective black & white video co-directed by Raunie Mae Baker as well as Howl themself.

In addition to all of this, the ‘year of the wolf’ campaign featured a premiere of ‘billy idol’ through Complex News, an iconic logo reveal, endless performances, pop-ups & featured verses, and even taking part in a widely celebrated performance led by the Lunette Duet Burlesque outfit in the summer.

Known for their electrifying live performances, gleefully hedonistic image, and an ear-worm sound that interprets plug-rap through a punk-rock & DIY lens, Howl has quickly become a staple of the artistic ecosystem in Vancouver; popping up on numerous show bills, verses & articles about the ever-growing & thriving scene.

Following an amicable departure from their longtime-partnered label, Nyhla Records, Howl delivered a single release at the beginning of 2019 for‘bambi’, alovesongabouttheirpartner& collaborator Bambi Venison, which included a video co-directed by the two along with the Crouchin 40 Sippas’ Spencer Brow. Recently, they teamed up with Polo Brian & maSHerman again for the release of ‘blossom 2’, a sequel to the ever popular 2018 track & continuation of the blossom saga.

Howl is currently taking a step back to conceptualize an all-new live performance unique to any other in Vancouver, as well as working on their upcoming debut EP.

Important / Relevant Info:

23 years old.

Non-binary identity, prefers they/them pronouns.

Queer & actively integrating this identity into their artistic image to help fight homophobia, transphobia, whorephobia, etc. within rap & all other communities.

Harm reduction / frontline worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.