I Collect Gross Travel Photos


ODDEE — “I don’t think anyone just wakes up and says ‘This is the day that I’m going to start collecting and collating really disgusting discoveries that people encounter while on the road!’

It just happens one day on a business trip in Toronto when you’re working in your room and notice that someone has smeared a big line of snot on a framed piece of art.

Because my mother may have eaten paint chips when she was pregnant, I think this is funny, so I post it to Facebook. The photo has the desired effect and really upsets friends. So, naturally, the next time I see something disgusting, I post it.

Eventually, people started sending me their gross finds.   And then the flight attendants discover your site and start sending you their gross stuff.

So I created a website.

Yep. I’m odd. Here’s some of my “best” findings and submission.