Speed Babes (Chicago, IL)

Speed Babes (band) from Chicago on Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis.jpg

First featured: AUG 29, 2018

Season 1, Episode 2

Speed Babes are lo fi garage punk recorded on iPhone in GarageBand featuring songs about numbers and colors and wanting stuff.

The band was started by Jesse Ewan when he foolishly said he could write and record an entire record by himself in under 24 hours that was just as good as a record being played at that moment by a coworker. (Debut record "Let's Go Explode" was written and recorded in 18 hours - entirely in iOS GarageBand.) 

Throughout 2015 and 2016, Speed Babes released a few more EPs - "I Know You Wanna Look Cool," "Forty Degree Beats," and "8 O'Clock." They are no longer available but have been replaced by a compilation called "Obvioushits."

In March of 2017, Speed Babes released "Yellow," the follow up record to "Let's Go Explode." https://thespeedbabes.bandcamp.com/album/yellow

In March of 2018, Speed Babes released "Orangetape."