Season 2, Ep. 23

Our sincerest apologies…

During the July 10th taping of my live broadcast, guests of the show and their entourage participated in alleged drinking and drug consumption while we were on air. As a result, Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis will not be on the air next week with a July 17th show, and will return the following week on July 24th. This is a decision which was made by CITR 101.9 FM and one which I fully support. I am cooperating with the station and its management to fully ensure that this event which put myself and others in an unsafe environment never happens again.

To further demonstrate my disapproval of the behaviour performed by individuals in this episode, the July 10th episode in which the alleged drug and alcohol consumption occurred will not be made available for syndication or streaming. I have decided that clips from the show will be removed from our website and social media in an effort to demonstrate that I do not condone the behaviour which occurred or wish to promote individuals who allegedly took part in these actions.

While guests of the show and I may take a tequila a few hours before we do our live taping as a campy bit of cheeky fun to celebrate the end of rehearsals, this is a far cry away from the uncontrolled and irresponsible level of binge drug and alcohol consumption allegedly performed by specific guests on this weeks show. Alcohol consumption is not the primary focus of my show. After all, it's hard to feel smarter and happier when you are intoxicated. And we broadcast live to tape on a Wednesday night! Slow it down bud and enjoy the laughs, conversation and upbeat music on my show! You’re on Andyland Radio, the number one place to feel comfortable as a guest, not Fox and Friends. You’ll definitely need to smoke crack to make it through that show.

Now I don’t want to publicly shame or out people. That’s not how we move forward from our mistake. Remember, being drug-positive is not only about destigmatizing its various applications, it's also about being responsible and having the consent of those around you are using them. For myself and CITR 101.9 FM, we did not give that consent, nor would we ever to allow guests at our studios to become intoxicated on alcohol and narcotics. Not only is it unprofessional and illegal, it makes it impossible to perform a positive show that makes you and those around you shine their best. I believe that the personal decisions we make affect those around us, and Andyland Radio and CITR are safe spaces of business which seeks to bring quality, comfortable entertainment to audiences. So please, bring everything to show, but leave your drugs at home, or at the frat house.

To my several guests which were to perform this week and the following weeks that we have to rebook, my sincerest apologies. But due to the harm caused by the activities of the guests on this week’s show to myself and our team at the station, we need to take this week to regroup, rewrite, replan, and realize a future for the show and the station without the possibility for destructive behaviour like this to occur again.

So See you July 24th with another smarter and happier new episode of Andyland Radio with me, Andrew willis. oh, and ‘don’t forget to tip your drag queen!’

Please visit our help line section of our website for further resources.

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